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Explore Premium Cannabis Experiences Across Washington

Premier Recreational Cannabis (AKA PRC) is your premier destination for exceptional cannabis experiences with locations in Conway, Arlington, and Edmonds. At PRC, we pride ourselves on providing a diverse and curated selection of top-tier cannabis products, ensuring that every visit explores quality and variety.

Conway: A Gateway to Premium Cannabis

Located just moments off I5, our Conway dispensary offers easy access for both locals and travelers passing through. Immerse yourself in the world of top-shelf cannabis flower, delectable edibles, refreshing infused beverages, and a wide array of concentrates, including Rosin, Resin, Shatter, Diamonds, and Live Resin. Our knowledgeable budtenders are ready to guide you through our extensive selection, ensuring you find the perfect products you desire.

Arlington: Elevate Your PNW Experience

Discover a cannabis haven nestled in the heart of the Northwest. From premium flower to expertly crafted pre-rolls and joints, our shelves are stocked with a variety that caters to every taste. Vape enthusiasts can explore our high-quality cartridges, while those seeking targeted relief can explore our selection of topicals. At PRC Arlington, we’re dedicated to providing a holistic cannabis experience that meets the diverse preferences of our community.

Edmonds: Coastal Vibes, Premium Cannabis

Visit our Edmonds location and indulge in coastal vibes paired with a premium cannabis selection. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing evening with our infused joints or looking to explore the diverse world of concentrate oils, including Rosin, Resin, Shatter, Diamonds, and Live Resin, PRC Edmonds has you covered. Our commitment to quality and variety extends to every product on our shelves, ensuring that your cannabis journey is both satisfying and enriching.

Your Cannabis Journey Starts Here!

No matter which weed shop location you choose to visit, you can expect a welcoming atmosphere, knowledgeable staff, and a product range that caters to all preferences. From premium flower and delectable edibles to convenient vape cartridges and potent concentrates, PRC is your gateway to a diverse world of cannabis experiences in Washington.

Join us at Conway, Arlington, or Edmonds, and let your cannabis journey unfold in style.

IT’s always about you.

At PRC our dedicated Cannabis Specialists are committed to providing you with the finest cannabis experience in the world. With over 40 years of experience in customer experience management, our team intends to meet & exceed your needs every single time you walk through our doors!